Monday, May 23, 2011

High school again

Just a warning: this one gets a little TMI sexually.

I went to Chris’s house after he got off work at 7:30 p.m. and immediately met his dad, stepmom, stepbrother, and stepsister. He was wearing sweatpants, and his stepmom immediately started teasing him for not dressing up for me: “You shouldn’t be greeting her in pajama pants!” The whole family was very friendly. His bedroom was a huge room at the back of the house, more of a playroom. You open the door, climb several steps, and it's a giant room filled with a couch, bed, huge desk, and huge entertainment center. It was a little messy, but I supposed that was ok. His king size bed was super comfy.

We looked at funny stuff online, listened to music, and watched a few TV shows. He actually watched Hoarders with me. Clare and I have a thing for that show. 

After Hoarders, we messed around in his bed but had to be quiet. I felt like I was in high school again, and enjoyed it. But later, when I went to the restroom outside his room, I realized I couldn't hear his music from out there. So hopefully that meant no one would have heard anything anyway. This night also included my first big orgasm with him! I learned that he gets turned on by having his neck kissed, and I soon had him shaking a bit. I also kept running my fingers through his wild, curly hair. I felt I wanted to get to know him completely, physically and mentally.

He told he occasionally has back spasms that will throw him off for a couple of weeks. He was currently in an off week, and promised ‘it's on’ sexually once he gets back to normal. The sex was already great, so I wondered how much better it would get once he got back to normal. After the sex and the big orgasm, we cuddled and acted silly. His bright blue eyes were beautiful. They killed me. We did the goofy kisses, pecking a lot at once, pulling away, etc. We stared into each other's eyes trying not to blink. We tickled each other. It was absolutely wonderful. And yes, it was also absolutely cheesy. But I loved every second of it.

Before I left at 11 p.m., we said something along the lines of "I really like you, unfortunately," to each other, to which he added, "But it's so fun." I think he definitely didn't plan to fall for someone, just to have some fun while still living here. He walked me to my car and I said, "I know this is nerdy, but I'm going to miss you." (We planned to see each other on Friday night.) He laughed and said, "Everything good in moderation."

I got home and he texted me to say he had another great night. I told him about the stomach pain I was having - I had stomach pain the past two nights, and yesterday morning, all consequently after sex. It felt like I had pulled a muscle in my abs, though it went away after awhile. He said, "Its cause I hit your ovaries. Sorry about that." I said, "Wow," out loud and cracked up. I had never experienced that before! He texted me later to say he was hurting as well. He also texted me while I was asleep: "I do not want you to underestimate how amazing the last two nights have been with you. You are by far the most sexually attractive woman I have been with. It is almost like an amazing dream. This morning I got to see your silhouette against the window. Seriously felt like I was watching a movie with a stunningly beautiful woman, naked. Holy shit."

The next day I told Sophie all of this, and added, “I love these feelings. It feels so good. I love that he and I have that connection, plus we have a lot in common. I feel like there is the possibility to have fairytale love, plus not have to give up anything I want in life. Hopefully!”

About Chris’s comments to me, she said, “I don’t think he’s going anywhere any time soon.”

It was freezing outside that day, and I kept thinking I would love to curl up in bed with Chris. I liked how he was just a bit taller than me, so I could curl up into him very easily. The previous men I had dated had been right around my height. I also kept grinning to myself throughout the day and thinking about how I couldn’t wait to smooch him again. I texted my email address to him and suggested we could email during the work day since it’s easier than texting, plus we could share links and photos. He quickly emailed with suggestions for the Friday night date – a wine tasting, a burlesque festival, a play, or a spa. I was thrilled that he actually wanted to do fun things that weren’t the norm.

I planned to go to my marketing professionals’ club monthly meeting that night, where I had first met Tyler. I felt excited about seeing him again. He’s very talkative, and I was hoping he would help me to meet more people in the club. He and I had talked on the phone the day before, and he said his puppy licked the phone and was thus telling me hi. Of course I thought that was cute. He had not yet received his offer letter for the job he was planning to move for, and was getting a little anxious. I wasn’t sure how things were going with him and me since he didn’t seem to want to communicate with me or hang out with me as much as Chris did. With Chris, it felt obvious that he really liked me. It was also so much easier to talk with Chris. It felt very comfortable and natural. I wondered how much I should even talk to Tyler that night since it was a career-oriented event.

I felt like I was falling hard and fast for Chris, but I also felt cautious because of my past dating and relationship casualties, so I was leaving myself open to seeing how things went with Tyler.

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trust me, this "TMI" isn't anywhere near as graphic as Whitney's at Fairytale Beginning :)