Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My budding relationship

Chris texted me on Wednesday morning to say he thought about me all night. He added that I was like a drug, and he should nickname me “Crystal Meth.”

I told Sophie about all the sweet things Chris had wrote to me. She wrote, “I’m sure if y’all continue to see each other up until he leaves then  you’ll know for sure whether or not you want to be with him long distance or move with him. You may never find another relationship like it again. Who knows?”

I told her, “Yeah, this is what I want from a relationship and I don’t want to lose it. I haven’t felt this strongly about a guy before.”

We talked about our weekend plans, including my Friday night date with Tyler. I felt weird about going on the date with him, like it was wrong of me to do. But I didn’t want to tell him I couldn’t date him because I had already said that once before and then went back on it. I supposed I would just try to have a good time and not have sex.

My previous personal trainer from early 2010 suddenly texted me that day to say he hadn’t had a date in awhile and was hoping I could remedy that. He added that he wanted to “have a good time.” I had always thought he was hot, but he was nowhere near my type. I told him I had met someone amazing so I couldn’t do it. He wrote back, “Well now you’ll never get to. I hope this fuck up doesn’t blow up in your face. Peace.” I thought ‘What the hell?’ He had always been pretty friendly, and we would flirt, but it seemed like we knew we weren’t each other’s type. Sophie had met him before so I immediately told her about it. Her first response was, “Holy crap! What a d-bag!” She came up with responses I should send to him, but I didn’t even want to respond because I didn’t want him to say more. When I told Clare about it, she said he was probably just shocked that I turned him down.

Chris also emailed back and forth with me that day, and at one point said he couldn’t wait to see me in a bikini. I enjoyed the compliment, but the thought of trying to find a bikini to buy made me want to slit my wrists.

Sophie came over that night to help me rearrange my apartment after moving my ex’s stuff out and having a carpet cleaning. It looked great. I was very pleased with it. After she left, Chris and I talked on Skype. I had never used it before. I loved seeing him on it. He looked adorable with his bright blue eyes. I was a little embarrassed about being in front of a webcam though. He joked that being around me made him want to work out more to look good for me. I laughed, and agreed that I felt the same way.

The previous personal trainer texted me again on Thursday morning at 6:30 a.m. with this: “I am not trying to be a jerk. I’m just saying that you talk like you’re so interested then you make no effort ever and go magically find Mr. Amazing and could give fuck all about anything you’ve said before. Again, I have no interest in being the guy of your dreams. It just is a pity that you throw away an opportunity with someone just as ‘amazing’ on a whim with some guy you only just met. But it’s your life so do as you please.” Apparently I shouldn’t have told him that Chris was amazing. I could think of many responses to give him but decided to just ignore him since he was clearly insane. I felt tired of dealing with crazy men. I told Clare about it, and she said, “He probably flipped out because you guys flirted so much and he is a trainer so likely also overconfident, and you rejected him, which probably shocked him, and guys don’t like rejection.” That sounded about right.

I talked on the phone with my dad that morning and told him about the rude messages. He said that the guy had shown his true colors. I also talked to him about Chris and Tyler, and how I had a date with Tyler the next evening. He said I shouldn’t tell them about each other. I cracked up, and told him, “You’re so bad!!”

I also told Chris about the rude previous personal trainer. He was shocked that the guy was so rude. He joked, “That’s a great way to get on a girl’s good side. Sorry to hear about that. Happy, however, to hear that you think I am amazing and that you’d even pass on a date with a personal trainer for me.” He added that he had disabled his OkCupid account last week, which made me feel very special.

I had an eye doctor appointment that day and was hoping for some new glasses. I mentioned it to him, and he said, “I have a bit of a glasses fetish so that is only good news to me.” He said he had actually thought about wearing clear glasses just for the look of it. I thought that would be cute, though the last time I remembered hearing about people doing that was in high school.

I had been telling one of my coworkers about my budding relationship, and she finally asked when she would get to meet him. Since he was planning to take the next Monday off, I asked him if he wanted to go to lunch with me that day and meet my coworkers. He happily agreed.

Later that day, Sophie and I discussed the rude previous personal trainer some more and made many derogatory remarks about him. We planned to go to the gym after work, and as it got closer to 5, I started becoming nauseated at the thought of possibly running into him. He had quit working at the gym over six months ago but I had seen him there a few times since then. Sophie said she planned to spout something off at him if she saw him. Luckily, we didn’t see him, and haven’t seen him since.

I planned to meet Chris at his place at 8 p.m.

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Anonymous said...

Jocks, especially personal trainers, are just plain gross. No matter how hot they may be!