Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to my relationship

As you can see, my boyfriend is moving. It will be happening in three months. It makes me sick to think about but I accept it. This blog will be an outlet for me to talk about my feelings surrounding him and the move, the challenges of being in a long distance relationship, and to tell our story. I also feel sick typing the term 'long distance relationship.' It scares me.

Why is he moving? Here's his story - he is from the Dallas area (where we both live now) and moved to Washington state in 2005 with a couple of his best friends and a girlfriend. He loved living in Washington. While he was there, he married his girlfriend so she could be on his health insurance. It was just a courthouse wedding, no big deal. He was working on a website with his friends while up there. When the economic crash hit, they felt it. His wife wanted to come back to Dallas for paramedic school. Apparently, it's easier to do in Dallas. He agreed to come back. They divorced a year after he got back, and he immediately wanted to go back to Washington and go to college with his friends. He moved in with his dad instead and kept working, deciding to save up as much money as he could before moving back to Washington. The college he wants to attend is in Seattle and has a special program for his field. He wants to be back in Washington with his best friends and to attend that college.

I have met him in his in between time of working and saving up money for school. As soon as we realized we were truly having feelings for each other, he told me that he would be moving to Washington. I immediately felt let down. I had recently went on a few dates prior in which the guy told me he would be moving to Houston shortly. I was shocked and annoyed that all the guys I was meeting happened to be moving away. It's a very new thing for me. The guys I've dated in the past have been very, how should I say, not ambitious. I cried a little that night after he left. I felt overwhelmed by dating. I had ended a two year relationship a few months prior to that and felt very out of the dating world.

After several more dates, we sat down and had a long talk about his moving. I decided that I still wanted to date him whether he was moving or not. I felt something special with him and I wanted to experience it even if it meant heartbreak. We also talked logically about his moving. I said I would be open to moving up there if our relationship goes well. After all, I have dreams of living all over the world. I don't plan to stay in Dallas forever.

A couple of days after this talk we became a couple. I have never been more content with my life. Now the moving decision is that he will move, we will be long distance, I will visit him, and then make a decision about whether I want to move up there. This will give us enough time as a couple to be more sure of each other and for me to see the area and decide if I do want to live there. Washington sounds wonderful to me, but I will wait to visit it first. If I decide to move there, I will also have to find a way to work at one of my company's offices up there. But we will see what happens. One step at a time. I tend to get ahead of myself sometimes.

I love him and I've never felt like this before. My name is Anne and his name is Chris. Welcome to our relationship.

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