Monday, April 4, 2011

At least I was happy

Sophie says that Jay and I kissed after I walked out in my dress. I don’t remember it. All I remember is realizing he wasn’t giving me the ‘wow’ look. I knew I looked great so I didn’t understand.

The work Christmas party was fun. Jay was a good date in that he was able to talk to anyone. I was even thinking he was making me look good by being so personable. I tend to be quiet.  Everyone got a little tipsy with the free drinks and we had a blast. My coworkers are a riot. We took a group photo and a photo of the ‘red team’ – the five people who wore red that night, including me. A few took couples pictures by the Christmas tree in the corner. I had one coworker take a photo of Jay and me in front of the tree.

He wasn’t very happy about having his picture taken though, and when I later asked about posting it to Facebook, he said no.

I rode with Jay back to his place that night. Apparently on the ride home, in my tipsy state, I just kept telling him the same things over and over: “I like you; I’m so happy; my life is so great.” At least I was happy.

He felt sick during the night and kept tossing and turning in bed so he ended up going to sleep in his daughter’s room (she was at her mom’s house for the weekend). There was no action.

The next day, I met up with Clare. We went out for Indian food, did some shopping and boba tea searching, bought champagne, and went to my apartment for Extreme Makeover: Apartment Edition. We drank mimosas that evening while organizing and going through my junk. I put together five boxes of garage sale junk and a bag of trash. The next day we went to the mall for Christmas shopping and to watch Black Swan. I picked out gifts for Sophie and Jay. Sophie received a Biggest Loser workout DVD since she is my workout buddy. As for Jay, let’s just say I went to Victoria’s Secret. I planned to give him the gift upon arrival at the hotel in Tulsa.

That night I had a nightmare about my ex. I’ve always had nightmares about three of my exes. I dreamed that my ex had got back into my apartment and said he would leave in a week. I was mad. It didn’t look like my apartment and there was a driveway and garage. I snuck off to the garage to put stuff in my car and call Jay to complain. When I called him he was just arriving at my place to surprise me. I told him what was going on. My ex came outside and they shook hands. Then Jay decided to mess with him. He picked a flower off a tree and presented it to me in front of my ex. My ex rolled his eyes at Jay and told him how I’m an idiot and will just ruin his life.

The next week was spent planning for the week long trip to Oklahoma and for Christmas. And of course whining to Sophie about how we should get Christmas breaks from work like we did from school. I had a growing list of goals for my life now that I was free from my ex and was ready to start accomplishing them. (One was starting a blog so at least that one has happened!) I had one more mimosa night with Clare before she went back to L.A. I was sad, but luckily I had an L.A. vacation planned for January, which meant many more mimosa nights.

Jay came over one evening that week. It started with him admiring my now organized apartment, and then to us sitting at my dining table with him saying he had something to talk to me about. He took forever to get to the point and I was starting to become nervous. I was starting to think he just wanted to be friends.

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