Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Best first date

Like Chris said, the date went very well. Lunch was delicious. The conversation was deep. (We had already prescreened for a match on politics and religion.) And, like he said, we didn’t want the date to end and we were both free, so we went bowling together. We each won a game. I became noticeably better as I kept bowling. After we bowled, he dropped me back off at my car. There was no hug or kiss at that time, but he told me, “This has been the best first date I’ve ever been on.” I agreed.

I drove home from the first date smiling. Soon after I got home I received a text message from him saying he enjoyed the date: “I would normally wait before following up but I actually was having a progressively better time and think you are very pretty and quite impressive. First date I’ve had that I wasn’t ready to end.” I responded saying I had also enjoyed it. We texted to each other that we would both just be watching TV this evening. He then asked if I would like to join forces on our TV night. I called him and we decided that he would come over to my place to watch my Sunday night TV shows - Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. Yes, I know that sounds terrible for any guy but that had been my plan for the evening. I gave him directions and he soon showed up with a bottle of Riesling. I was shocked and thrilled that he brought over a bottle of wine. I wasn’t used to dating guys who were so thoughtful.

We opened the bottle and sat on my couch to watch my shows. With him there beside me, I noticed how soap opera like the shows seemed. We just laughed at a lot of the scenes. I also found out that he is amazing with computers and immediately asked him to look at my virus-riddled PC.

Soon after that he was going to head home. I walked over to my door with him and we stood there awkwardly for a moment. Before I knew it we were kissing and my hand was in his hair. The first kiss was intense and we ended up walking backwards towards my couch while still kissing. We were making out and it started leading to dry humping and clothes coming off. Then we both came back to reality for a moment and admitted we’d never done this before. I struggled with deciding whether I should sleep with him. My body wanted it, but I wasn’t used to sleeping with someone so quickly and didn’t want to regret it. It didn’t end up happening.

After he got home, we texted each other to say we had a great time. He wrote, “You are pretty amazing.” I told him I was actually surprised that our day went so well. He agreed.

Here’s what Chris has to say about that evening: “I don’t have exact memories on what led to our second date. What I do remember was being in her apartment getting what was the most explosively amazing kiss of my life. Kissing her felt unlike any other kiss I’ve experienced. Her lips and tongue and the smell of her perfume and breath all intermingled to become a very intense experience for me.”

The next morning I noticed my arm was sore from bowling. I texted him to tell him, and he said that his was sore too. We texted throughout our work day. We decided to meet for dinner that night at Chuy’s, a Mexican restaurant. I had never been before, but he, Clare, and Tyler had all went on and on about it to me before.

The dinner went extremely well, and the food was to die for. I loved that we were already meeting up again. It felt more normal to me than how Jay and Tyler would just want to see me the next weekend. I'm used to meeting someone, starting to see them everyday, and quickly falling into a relationship. 

Chris and I were at Chuy's for two hours talking. I found out he loves antiques and flea markets, just like I do. I shared more about myself and felt comfortable with it. He was easy to chat with and nothing felt awkward. We shared a goodbye kiss in the parking lot, and he later texted this: “You looked great again and I enjoyed the conversation.” That night I added him on Facebook and he accepted my request. He told me he’d never let someone from OkCupid into his real life before.

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-Mallori said...

yay! we finally meet him! sounds like a FANTASTIC first date!!