Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Need to be honest

The next day, Chris invited me to play Wii with him that night. He ended up coming over to my place with his Wii. We played some Wii Sports and enjoyed ourselves. After around 45 minutes of playing, we sat down on my couch, talked some, and watched my cats. Then, suddenly, he said the scary statement: “I need to be honest with you.”

Luckily, there wasn’t enough time between him making that statement and explaining it for me to come up with any wild scenarios in my head. He said he had looked at my OkCupid profile again and noticed that I had checked ‘interested in long-term dating,’ and didn’t check short-term dating. He said he had checked ‘interested in short-term dating’ and not long-term. My stomach sank. He told me that he really likes me so far – my personality, my character, my interests, and that he’s attracted to me. I started smiling again and feeling better. But then he added that he will probably be moving back to Washington in six months. He had lived there for four years and moved back to Texas in 2009, around the same time that I moved to Texas.

He said he could see being in a relationship with me, that it could be great, and that he still likes relationships and wants one. He said he would still be going on dates with others, and that his family and friends were telling him to just have fun right now.

He then told me that if I don’t want to keep dating knowing he will be moving that’s fine because he doesn’t want me to feel taken advantage of, and that I’m a great girl and could definitely meet someone great for me. He added that we could also keep spending time together and just see what happens.

I felt let down and saddened when he told me. I was afraid of getting hurt. I wasn’t used to the dating life. I guess I wasn’t used to dating ‘adults.’ All my exes had been students or just plain immature. This was new and scary. I loved spending time with someone so mature, but it was definitely different.

I had plans for blueberry pancakes at IHOP with Jay on Thursday evening. We hadn’t spoken much lately and I was planning to tell him I couldn’t do this anymore. It was hard to say it because I’m an overly nice person, but it went fine. He said we can just be friends and that was fine. Though I have to admit we haven’t spoken much since then.

I was back home before 8 p.m. that night and planned to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I couldn’t get my TV to go back to the regular channels though, so I called Chris to ask what I should do. It wasn’t working right since we had used it for the Wii the night before. I still couldn’t get it fixed from our phone call so he said he would come over and fix it for me. I told him he didn’t have to do that but he did. He quickly got my TV working again. I was sitting on my ottoman while he fixed it, and when he was done he sat on it facing me.

He asked, “So how was your day?” with a big smile and we talked a little. There was a lot of grinning since we were so close to each other. Before I knew it we were making out and nearly falling off the ottoman. Then we moved to the couch. After a while on the couch we ended up on my bed, but only to cuddle. He is 5’11” and I was curled up to him with my head on his shoulder. It was comfy. We stayed in that position for a long time mostly not saying anything. It wasn’t awkward though. He said his mind was running a million miles a minute. It sounded like, for him, the problem was that he liked me a lot. He wanted to move back to Washington and didn’t want anything to hold him back, I’m sure. He said he’s met so many girls who just don’t fit him at all – they can’t hold a conversation seemed to be his main complaint. We eventually went back to the couch and watched the news plus a little TMZ that cracked us up. It all felt very nice and comfortable.  

Here is what Chris has to say about that night:
“I felt bad/stupid that I didn’t fix the connection on the TV but at the same time I was like, 'An excuse to see this really hot chick again? Fuck yea!'  I was nervous though, to be very honest. I felt like she was a very interesting woman, and I really wanted to both learn more about her and get to touch her amazing body. Making out with her on the couch that night was amazing. I guess now that I think about it I was just getting more excited as we talked more because I was learning that she had qualities that were just continually exciting for me. I felt like the more I learned about her, the more I wanted to know. We had a good amount in common, but she is so intelligent, and her ability to convey her thoughts made it fun from the very beginning.”

On Friday night I had plans to go with Chris to his friend’s apartment for a little drinking and hanging out. It was us plus the guy and his girlfriend. It went well. They were nice. We just sat around chatting and drinking. After I went home that night, Chris texted me: “Leaving you while not wanting to leave sucks. Damn your kissing. Hope you made it home safe.” I wrote, “I wish you were here.” He wrote back, “Don’t tempt me!” then told me to sleep well. I wrote back, “Soon you will sleep by me!” He wrote, “That sounds amazing. You are trouble, young lady.”

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